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At Fundy Flowers canaflora, we provide florist services not just to individuals but to small and big corporate businesses as well. We believe that business and flowers DO indeed mix! A touch of blossoms add warmth and sincerity to your business putting both employees and customers on a comfortable plane. Whether you are a corporate office, a restaurant, a hotel, a hospital, a government concern, a shop or any other corporate concern or university or government set up, we have a host of services to cater to your specialized requirement. Whether you want to order flowers for your next conference or want a daily bouquet of fresh, energizing blooms to uplift the ambiance of your office premises, we are there to serve your every need! Your unique business requirements are equally important to us!


Contractual Florist Services for your Office Premises


What can be more uplifting for employees than to see a bit of the bright outdoors into their office cubicles or at the reception or in the canteen? Invigorate your employees with a burst of energizing colours and fragrances and keep them energized all day to stay at their productive best. We will make sure we brighten up every corner of your work space with our touch of professionalism combined with a personalized touch! We can deliver flowers of your choices or suggest a rotational assortment of the most appropriate collection for your office on a periodic basis, be it daily, every alternate day or weekly. Unlike most canaflora florists we can also send in a consultant to help you decide how to best place the floral arrangements for maximum positive effect. When it comes to sending flower in canaflora, do think of us!


Contractual Florist Services for the Service Industry


We offer a host of florist products and services for businesses in the service industry. Whether you are in the hotel or restaurant business or in the hospital or personal care business, we ensure we give our business customers personal attention to ensure that their every need is met with utmost professionalism. Whether you need daily individual floral arrangements or complete venue decoration, we are there at your service.


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